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Constitutional Commentary
Vol. 15 No. 1, Spring 1998

Table of Contents


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The Potable Constitution
Jim Chen    1



Diversity and Meritocracy in Legal Education: A Critical Evaluation of Linda F. Wightman's "The Threat to Diversity in Legal Education"
Stephan Thernstrom   11

Through a Different Lens: A Reply to Stephan Thernstrom
Linda F Wightman   45

A Very New Lawyer's First Case: Brown v. Board of Education
John J. Cound   57

Ducking Dred Scott: A Response to Alexander and Schauer
Emily Sherwin   65

Is A Coherent Theory of Religious Freedom Possible?
Steven D. Smith   73

The New Sovereignty and the Old Constitution: The Chemical Weapons Convention and the Appointments Clause
John Yoo   87

The Chemical Weapons Convention: Political and Constitutional Issues
Ronald D. Rotunda   131



Inculcating Constitutional Values
William K. Kelly   161

Truth or Consequences? The Inadequacy of Consequentialist Arguments Against Multicultural Relativism
Roderick M. Hills, Jr.    185



Separating Powers: Essays on the Founding Period
Robert J. Delahunty   209

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