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Constitutional Commentary
Vol. 15 No. 3, Fall 1998

Table of Contents


BUT CF....

Medium Rare Scrutiny
Michael Stokes Paulsen   397



The Most-Cited Federalist Papers
Ira C. Lupu   403

A Century Lost: The End of the Originalism Debate
Eric J. Segall   411

Another Chat With the Lady in the Grocery Line: Clinton v. Jones
John B. Mitchell   441

The Ten Commandments in Alabama
Steven Lubet   471

Impeachment and Accountability: The Case of the First Lady
Michael J. Broyd and Robert A. Schapiro   479

Unenumerated Constitutional Rights and Unenumerated Biblical Ob- ligations: A Preliminary Study in Comparative Hermeneutics
Samuel J. Levine   511



Unoriginalism's Law Without Meaning
Saikrishna B. Prakash   529

Ackermania or Uncomfortable Truths?
L.A. Powe, Jr.   547



Free Speech in Its Forgotten Years
Daniel A. Farber   571

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