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Constitutional Commentary
Vol. 16 No. 1, Spring 1999

Table of Contents


BUT CF....

I’m Even Smarter Than Bruce Ackerman: Why the President Can Veto His Own Impeachment
Michael Stokes Paulsen   1



Commas, Constitutional Grammar, and the Straight-Face Test: What if Conan the Grammarian Were a Strict Textualist?
Peter Jeremy Smith   7

Did Sir Edward Coke Mean What He Said?
John V. Orth   33

Pickup Basketball
Peter L. Olson   39

The Trial of Charles I: A Sesquitricentennial Reflection
Louis J. Sirico, Jr.   51

Nonjudicial Constitutional Interpretation, Authoritative Settlement, and a New Agenda for Research
Bruce G. Peabody   63

DeFunis, Defunct
Jim Chen   91



Alternative Maps for Navigating the First Amendment Maze
Alan E. Brownstein   101

Hey, Christians, Leave Your Kids Alone!
Stephen G. Gilles   149

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