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Constitutional Commentary
Vol. 16 No. 3, Winter 1999

Table of Contents


BUT CF....

In re J.S.
David McGowan   477


SYMPOSIUM: The Sound of Legal Thunder: The Chaotic Consequences Of Crushing Constitutional Butterflies


Jim Chen   483

Clear and Present Dangers: The Importance of Ideas and the Bowels in the Cosmos
Thomas E. Baker   485

Terry v. Ohio in Hindsight: The Perils of Predicting the Past
Susan Bandes   491

Midnight in the Courtroom of Good and Evil
Jim Chen   499

Be Careful What You Wish For
Michael C. Dorf   505

The Variola Variation
Donald Dripps   511

The Trouble With Tarble's: An Excerpt from an Alternative Casebook
Daniel A. Farber   517

Would You, Could You, Change A Thing?
Barry Friedman   523

Farewell Madison Avenue
Marci A. Hamilton   529

The School Prayer Decisions
William P. Marshall   535

Justice Without Justices
John 0. McGinnis   541

So Help Me God: Religion and Presidential Oath-Taking
James E. Pfander   549

If the States Had Been Sovereign
Edward L. Rubin   555

Must Joe Robinson Die?: Reflections on the 'Success' of Court Packing
Robert A. Schapiro   561

5 U.S. (1 Cranch) 137,175
Eric J. Segall   569

Plus Ça Change ... or If Hard Cases Make Bad Law, What Do Bad Cases Make?
Suzanna Sherry   575

The Remand that Made the Court Expand
Maxwell L. Steams   581

The Future of an Illusion: Reconstituting Planned Parenthood v. Casey
Nadine Strossen and Ronald K. L. Collins    587

Two Phone Calls
Cass R. Sunstein   595

The Myth of Superiority
William B. Rubenstein   599

What the Wall Separates: A Debate on Thomas Jefferson's "Wall of Separation" Metaphor
Daniel L. Dreisbach and John D. Whaley   627



Shocking the Conscience: Pragmatism, Moral Reasoning, and the Judiciary
Daniel A. Farber   675

Civil Liberties During War: History's Institutional Lessons
Margaret A. Garvin   691

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