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Constitutional Commentary
Vol. 17 No. 1, Spring 2000

Table of Contents


BUT CF....

Against Diversity
Suzanna Sherry   1

Measuring First Amendment Value: Rebraf's First Chronicle
Daniel A. Farber   3



The Day After: Do We Need A "Twenty-Eighth Amendment?"
Joel B. Grossman and David A. Yalof   7

Is the Miranda Caselaw Really Inconsistent? A Proposed Fifth Amendment Synthesis
Donald Dripps   19

Dworkin as an Originalist
Jeffrey Goldsworthy   49

That Sick Chicken Won't Hunt: The Limits of a Judicially Enforced Non-Delegation Doctrine
George I. Lovell   79



The People's Forest and Levy's Trees: Popular Sovereignty and the Origins of the Bill of Rights
Brian C Kalt   119

Liberalism Lost
Daniel A. Farber   137

The Ordinary, The Exceptional, the Corrupt, and the Moral: What Did the Impeachment of Bill Clinton Mean for America and Americans?
Stephen B. Presser   149

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