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Constitutional Commentary
Vol. 17 No. 2, Summer 2000

Table of Contents


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Casey at the Court
Gary Lawson   161

Looking for a Model Answer: May Congress Prohibit Sex Selective Abortions?
Michael Stokes Paulsen   165



The Parsimony of Libertarianism
E. Fleming   171



The Canon(s) of Constitutional Law: An Introduction
Mark Tushnet   187

Sovereignty Studies in Constitutional Law: A Comment
T. Alexander Aleinikoff    197

Aim Globally
Martin S. Flaherty   205

A Comparative Constitutional Law Canon?
John E. Finn and Donald P. Kommers   218

The Constitutional Canon: The Challenge Posed by a Transitional Constitutionalism
Ruti Teitel   237

Why the Canon Should be Expanded to Include The Insular Cases and the Saga of American Expansionism
Sanford Levinson   241

The Canon and the Constitution Outside the Courts Sotirios A Barber
James E. Fleming   267

The Canons of Constitutional Law: Teaching with a Political-Historical Framework
Louis Fisher   275

On Casebooks and Canons or Why Bob Jones University Will Never be Part of the Constitutional Law Canon
Neal Devins   285

Democracy, Anti-Democracy, and the Canon
Richard H. Pildes   295

The Case for Including Marks v. United States in the Canon of Constitutional Law
Maxwell L. Stearns   321

Does "Practicality" Have a Place in the "Canon of Constitutional Law"?
Russell I. Weaver   341

Capturing the Canon
Jerome A. Barron   349

The Integration of Theory and Practice in Teaching Structural Issues in Constitutional Law
Daan Braveman and William Banks   361

Chasing the Canon: A Tail's View of, and Requests to, the Dog
John E. Nowak   375

Constitutional Law's Loose Canon: Are We Running Software Without an Operating System?
Donald E. Lively   391

"The Canon" of Constitutional Law for Undergraduate Teaching: The Melding of Constitutional Theory, Law, and Interpretive/Empirical Political Science
Ronald Kahn   399

Is There a Canon of Constitutional History?
William M. Wiecek   411



Rights and Responsibilities
Evan Tsen Lee   417

The Black Holes of American Constitutional Law
Eric J. Segall   425

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