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Constitutional Commentary
Vol. 17 No. 3, Winter 2000

Table of Contents


BUT CF....

Rational Basis Revue
Jim Chen   447



Defending Judicial Supremacy: A Reply
Larry Alexander and Frederick Schauer    455

Shrink Missouri, Campaign Finance, and "The Thing That Wouldn't Leave"
Richard L. Hasen   483

Fictional Documentaries and Truthful Fictions: The Death Penalty in Recent American Film
David R. Dow   511

The Fourteenth Amendment and Native American Citizenship
Earl M. Maltz   555

Unnatural Born Citizens and Acting Presidents
James C. Ho   575

Presidential Impeachment: The Original Misunderstanding
John V. Orth   587

Necromancing the Equal Rights Amendment
Brannon P. Denning and John R. Vile    593



The Limits of Gaylaw
Dale Carpenter   603

Brown's Promise, Blaine's Legacy
Richard W. Garnett   651



Has The Hour of Democracy Come Round at Last? The New Critique of Judicial Review
Stephen M. Griffin   683

Outsider Voices on Gun and the Constitution
Nelson Lund   701

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