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Constitutional Commentary
Vol. 18 No. 1, Spring 2001

Table of Contents


BUT CF....

Green Eggs and Legislation
Michael Seuss Paulsen   1

Of Judicial Supremacy and Academic Inadequacy
Scott C. Idleman   5



True God of the Next Justice
J. Gregory Sidak   9

The Virtues of Presidential Government: Why Professor Akerman is Wrong to Prefer the German to the U.S. Constitution
Steven G. Calabresi   51

The "Bermuda Triangle?" The Cert Pool and Its Influence Over the Supreme Court's Agenda
Barbara Palmer   105

Making Sense of Dale
David McGowan   121

Why the Eleventh Amendment Always Matters, Even When Transaction Costs are Zero
Neil S. Siegel   177

Controlling Precedent: Congrsional Regulation of Judicial Decision-Making
Gary Lawson   191

Lawson's Awesome (Also Wrong, Some)
Michael Stokes Paulsen   231



E Pluribus Unum?
Daniel A. Farber   243

Division and Discord: The Spreme Court Under Stone and Vinson, 1941-1953

Brandeis and the Progressive Constitution: Erie, the Judicial Power, and the Politics of the Federal Courts in Twentieth Century America
Tony A. Freyer   267

The Supreme Nonet
Thomas E. Baker   291

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