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Constitutional Commentary
Vol. 18 No. 2, Summer 2001

Table of Contents


BUT CF....

Washington's Residency
Calvin Johnson   295

Making the Grade: A Modest Extension of Bush v. Gore
Roger Park   301



The Supreme Court and The Brethren
David J. Garrow   303

The Commerce Clause, the Political Question Doctrine, and Morrison
Ronald D. Rotunda   319

Why the Supreme Court Should Not Have Decided the Presidential Election of 2000
Jesse H. Choper    335

Bush v. Gore: Looking at Baker v. Carr in a Conservative Mirror
Robert J. Pushaw, Jr.   359

Were There Adequate State Grounds in Bush v. Gore?
Michael L. Wells   403



"Nor Long Remember"
Daniel A. Farber   423

"Another Thing Needful": Exploring Emotions in Law
Neal Feigenson   445

Requiem for Hercules
Edward B. Foley   463

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