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Constitutional Commentary
Vol. 18 No. 3, Winter 2001

Table of Contents


BUT CF....

Ode to Conservative Judicial Activism
Rebecca L. Brown   479

Constitutional Law Haiku
Gil Grantmore   481



What Does the Second Amendment Restrict? A Collective Rights Analysis
Carl T. Bogus   485

"Uniform Throughout the United States": Limits on Taxing as Limits on Spending
Laurence Claus   517

Economic Activity as a Proxy for Federalism: Intuition and Reason in United States v. Morrison
Allan Ides   563

Rating the Presidents of the United States, 1789-2000: A Survey of Scholars in Political Science, History, and Law
James Lindgren and Steven G. Calabresi   583

The Marbury Mystery: Why Did William Marbury Sue in the Supreme Court?
Susan Low Bloch   607



Michelman, Brennan, and Democratic Theory
David Lay Williams   629

Getting to Know Harlan: A New Approach to Judicial Biography?
James A. Thomson   647

The Warren Court and American Politics: An Impressionistic Appreciation
Roger K. Newman   661

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