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Vol. 19, No.2, Summer 2002

Table of Contents


BUT CF....

A Kid's Guide to America's Bill of Rights
Luke Paulsen   291



Smokey and the Bandit in Cyberspace: The Dormant Commerce Clause, the Twenty-first Amendment, and State Regulation of Internet Alcohol Sales
Brannon P. Denning   297

Searching for the False Shout of "Fire"
L.A. Powe, Jr.    345

Constitutionalism in an Age of Speed
William E. Scheuerman    353

Certain Illusions About Speech: Why the Free-Speech Critique of Hostile Work Environment Harassment is Wrong
Miranda Oshige McGowan   391



Practical Judging
Brian H. Bix   453

The Law and Large Numbers
Paul H. Edelman   459

Mathematics and the Legal Imagination: A Response to Professor Edelman
Michael I. Meyerson   477

Voter's Intent and Its Discontents
John Copeland Nagl   483

The Smug Satisfaction of the Media Mentioned
Stephen Presser   517

Desperately Seeking Serenity
Steven D. Smith   523

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