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Vol. 19 No. 3, Winter 2002

Table of Contents


BUT CF....

The Grinch Who Stole Legislation (A Sequel)



"Equal Protection, My Ass!"? Bush v. Gore and Laurence Tribe's Hall of Mirrors
Nelson Lund   543

The Unbearable Wrongness of Bush v. Gore
Laurence H. Tribe   571

Carnival of Mirrors: Laurence Tribe's "Unbearable Wrongness"
Nelson Lund   609

Lost at the Equal Protection Carnival: Nelson Lund's Carnival of Mirrors
Laurence H. Tribe   619

Keeping Legal History "Legal" and Judicial Activism in Perspective: A Reply to Richard Pildes
Charles A. Heckman   625

Keeping Legal History Meaningful
Richard H. Pildes   645

Washington, Patton, Schwarzkopf and Ashcroft?
Michael Herz   663

How Many Judges Does it Take to Make a Supreme Court?
John V. Orth   681



Playing Without a Referee: Congress, the President, and Foreign Affairs
Daniel A. Farber   693

Separation Rhetoric and Its Relevance
Adam M. Samaha   713

The Republican Monarchy Revisited
Adam Tomkins   737

An Analysis of the Federal Constitutional Right to Same Sex Marriage
Mark Strasser   761

Against (Constitutional) Settlement
Brannon P. Denning   781

Compelling Lessons in the First Amendment
Wilson Huhn   795

The King & I
Jonathan Kahn   813

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