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Vol. 20 No. 1, Spring 2003

Table of Contents


BUT CF....

The Last Man Off Standard
David McGowan   1

True Blue
Gil Grantmore   5



How "Decentralization" Rationalizes Oligarchy: John McGinnis and the Rehnquist Court
Andrew Koppelman   11

Decentralizing Constitutional Provisions Versus Judicial Oligarchy: A Reply to Professor Koppelman
John 0. McGinnis   39

The Little Red Schoolhouse: Pierce, State Monopoly of Education and the Politics of Intolerance
Paula Abrams   61

Mother May I? Imposing Mandatory Prospective Rules of Statutory Interpretation
Larry Alexander, Saikrishna Prakash   97

The Myth of the Neutral Amicus: American Courts and their Friends, 1790-1890
Stuart Banner   111

On the Waterfront: Cheese-Eating, HUAC, and the First Amendment
Jeffrey M. Shaman   131

The Federalist Papers and the Bill of Rights
Shlomo Slonim   151



The Court and the Empire
Michael Kent Curtis   163

Judicial Sovereignty: The Legacy of the Rehnquist Court
E. Thomas Sullivan   171

"Sir, Yes, Sir!": The Courts, Congress, and Structural Injunctions
Mark Tushnet   189

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