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Vol. 20 No. 2, Summer 2003

Table of Contents


Marbury at 200: A Bicentennial Celebration of Marbury v. Madison


Marbury as History


Marbury and the Retreat from Judicial Supremacy
Larry D. Kramer   205

The Marbury of 1803 and the Modern Marbury
Sylvia Snowiss   231

What Are the Facts of Marbury v. Madison?
Sanford Levinson, Jack M. Balkin   255


Marbury's Errors?


Not the King's Bench
Edward A. Hartnett   283

The Lame Ducks of Marbury
John Copeland Nagle    317

Marbury's Wrongness
Michael Stokes Paulsen   343


Marbury at 200: Judicial Supremacy Today


The Importance of Being Final
Daniel A. Farber   359

Constitutional Rules, Constitutional Standards, and Constitutional Settlement: Marbury v. Madison and the Case for Judicial Supremacy
Larry Alexander   369

Interpretative Equality as a Structural Imperative (Or "Pucker Up and Settle This!")
Gary Lawson   379

The Office of the Oath
Patrick 0. Gudridge   387

Judicial Supremacy and Its Discontents
Dale Carpenter   405

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