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Vol. 22 No. 1, Spring 2005

Table of Contents


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Moving the Supremes to the Heartland: The Case for Omaha
Daniel A. Farber    1



Revenge of the Triple Negative: A Note on the Brandeis Brief in Muller v. Oregon
Clyde Spillenger   5

Fig Leaf Federalism and Tenth Amendment Exceptionalism
Nelson Lund   11

The Dubious Enumerated Power Doctrine
Calvin H. Johnson   25

When Government Must Pay: Compensating Rights and the Constitution
Kenneth Agran   97

Elizabeth Cady Stanton on the Federal Marriage Amendment: A Letter to the President
Tracy A. Thomas    137

The Constitutionality of States Extending Personhood to the Unborn
Alec Walen   161



The Protestant Revolutions and Western Law
William B. Ewald   181

A Criminal Procedure Regime Based on Instrumental Values
Tracey Maclin   197

Whose America?
Judith T. Younger   241

Treatise Writing During Constitutional Moments
Mark Tushnet   251

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