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Vol. 22 No. 3, Winter 2005

Table of Contents




The (Surprising) Truth About Schiavo: A Defeat for the Cause of Autonomy
O. Carter Snead   383

From Cruzan to Schiavo: Similar Bedfellows in Fact and at Law
Edward J. Larson   405

Terri Schiavo: A Right to Life Denied or a Right to Die Honored?
Robert P. George   419

Family Conflict and Family Privacy: The Constitutional Violation in Terri Schiavo’s Death
Robert A. Burt   427

Judging the Schiavo Case
Samuel R. Bagenstos   457

Protecting Unconscious, Medically-Dependent Persons after Wendland & Schiavo
Clarke D. Forsythe    475

The Contagion of Constitutional Avoidance
Scott E. Gant    497

Undue Process: Congressional Referral and Judicial Resistance in the Schiavo Controversy
Adam M. Samaha   505

Schiavo and Klein
Evan Caminker   529

Congress Clears Its Throat
Edward A. Hartnett    553

Killing Terri Schiavo
Michael Stokes Paulsen    585

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