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Vol. 24 No. 1, Spring 2007

Table of Contents


BUT CF. . . .

Good Riddance, Jim Chen, You No-Good Lousy So-and-So
Michael Stokes Paulsen   1


SYMPOSIUM: The Rehnquist Court In Empirical And Statistical Retrospective

Warren Court Precedents in the Rehnquist Court
Frank B. Cross, Thomas A. Smith, Antonio Tomarchio   3

When the Court Has a Party, How Many "Friends" Show Up? A Note on the Statistical Distribution of Amicus Brief Filings
Daniel A. Farber   19

Judicial Activism: An Empirical Examination of Voting Behavior on the Rehnquist Natural Court
Lori A. Ringhand   43

The Rhetoric of Restraint and the Ideology of Activism
Stefanie A. Lindquist, Joseph L. Smith, Frank B. Cross   103

An Empirical Analysis of the Confirmation Hearings of the Justices of the Rehnquist Natural Court
Jason J. Czarnezki, William K. Ford, Lori A. Ringhand    127

The Most Dangerous Justice Rides into the Sunset
Paul H. Edelman, Jim Chen   199

The Aggregate Harmony Metric and a Statistical and Visual Contextualization of the Rehnquist Court: 50 Years of Data
Peter A. Hook   221



Middle Ground?
Patrick J. Borchers   265

Between the Domestic and the Foreign: Centering the Nation's Edges
Linda Bosniak   271

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