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Vol. 24 No. 2, Summer 2007

Table of Contents


BUT CF. . . .

Can a Constitutional Amendment Overrule a Supreme Court Decision?
Michael Stokes Paulsen   285



Abortion and Original Meaning
Jack M. Balkin   291

The Perpetual Anxiety of Living Constitutionalism
Ethan J. Leib   353

Original Interpretive Principles as the Core of Originalism
John O. McGinnis, Michael Rappaport   371

Originalism and Its Discontents (Plus a Thought or Two About Abortion)
Mitchell N. Berman   383

Underlying Principles
Randy E. Barnett   405

The Progressive Political Power of Balkin's "Original Meaning"
Dawn Johnsen   417

Original Meaning and Constitutional Redemption
Jack M. Balkin   427



Reconstruction and the Police: Two Ships Passing in the Night?
Donald A. Dripps   533

"Fairer Still the Woodlands": Mapping the Free Exercise Forest
John Witte, Jr.   551

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