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Vol. 25 No. 2, Summer 2008

Table of Contents



A Better Path For Constitutional Tort Law
John M. Greabe   189

Was Bush v. Gore a Human Rights Case?
Gerald L. Neuman and Nicholas Hatzis   215

The Wisdom of Soft Judicial Power: Mr. Justice Powell, Concurring
Samuel Estreicher and Tristan Pelham-Webb   229




Richard W. Garnett   241

Kent Greenawalt and the Difficulty (Impossibility?) of Religion Clause Theory
Larry Alexander  243

Religious Reasons and the Liberty of Citizens: The Integration of the Religious and the Secular in Kent Greenawalt's Religion and the Constitution
Robert Audi   249

Establishment and Judicial Administrability
Anthony J. Bellia, Jr.  259

Discrimination Between Religions: Some Thoughts on Reading Greenawalt's Religion and the Constitution: Establishment and Fairness
John Finnis   265

Judicial Enforcement of the Establishment Clause
Richard W. Garnett  273

Indeterminacy and the Establishment Clause
Frederick Mark Gedicks  279

The Philosopher's Brief
Paul Horwitz  285

Religious Establishment and Autonomy
Andrew Koppelman  291

Christendom Without Establishment: A Brief Look at History
Robert E. Rodes, Jr.  297

Kent Greenawalt's Elusive Constitution
Steven D. Smith  301

Requiem for the Establishment Clause
Winnifred Fallers Sullivan  309

Nelson Tebbe  317



The Indivisible Constitution
Kermit Roosevelt III   321

The Obama Presidency and the Roberts Court: Some Hints from Political Science
Mark Tushnet   343

Belonging and Empowerment: A New “Civil Rights” Paradigm Based on Lessons of the Past
Rebecca E. Zietlow   353

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