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Vol. 27 No. 1, Fall 2010

Table of Contents



The Interpretation/Construction Distinction in Constitutional Law: Annual Meeting of the AALS Section on Constitutional Law

Introduction: The Interpretation/ Construction Distinction in Constitutional Law
Amy Barrett   1

Constructing the Constitutional Canon: The Metonymic Evolution of Federalist 10
Ian Bartrum   9

Constitutional Constructions and Constitutional Decision Rules: Thoughts on the Carving of Implementation Space
Mitchell N. Berman   39

The Constitutional Interpretation/ Construction Distinction: A Useful Fiction
Laura A. Cisneros   71

The Interpretation-Construction Distinction
Lawrence B. Solum   95

Constructing a New American Constitution
Keith E. Whittington   119



Telepathic Law
Larry Alexander   139

The Supreme Court’s Declining Plenary Docket: A Membership-Based Explanation
David R. Stras   151

An Almost Archeological Dig: Finding a Surprisingly Rich Early Understanding of Substantive Due Process
Louise Weinberg   163

Why Jack Balkin is Disgusting
Andrew Koppelman   177

Reply to Koppelman: Originalism and the (Merely) Human Constitution
Steven D. Smith   189



The Vanity of Dogmatizing
Marc O. DeGirolami   201

Specifying Constitutional Rights
John Oberdiek   231

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