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Vol. 27 No. 2, Fall 2011

Table of Contents



Individual Autonomy and Free Speech

Editor’s Note
Dale Carpenter   249

Autonomy and Free Speech
C. Edwin Baker   251

A Thinker-Based Approach to Freedom of Speech
Seana Valentine Shiffrin   283


Seana Shiffrin’s Thinker-Based Freedom of Speech: A Response
Vincent Blasi   309

Comment on Baker’s Autonomy and Free Speech
T. M. Scanlon   319

Comment on Shiffrin’s Thinker-Based Approach to Freedom of Speech
T. M. Scanlon   327

Freedom of Speech and Two Types of Autonomy
Steven H. Shiffrin   337

Speech Restrictions That Don’t Much Affect the Autonomy of Speakers
Eugene Volokh   347

Free Speech and Political Legitimacy: A Response to Ed Baker
James Weinstein   361

Seana Shiffrin’s Thinker-Based Theory of Free Speech: Elegant and Insightful, But Will it Work in Practice?
James Weinstein   385

Free Speech and Autonomy: Thinkers, Storytellers, and a Systemic Approach to Speech
Susan H. Williams   399

Reply to Critics
Seana Valentine Shiffrin   417



There is No First Amendment Overbreadth (But There Are Vague First Amendment Doctrines); Prior Restraints Aren’t "Prior"; and "As Applied" Challenges Seek Judicial Statutory Amendments
Larry Alexander   439

Court-Packing and the Child Labor Amendment
Gerard N. Magliocca   455



Constitutionalism in the United Kingdom
W.J. Waluchow   487

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