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Business Law Faculty

The Corporate Institute’s fundamental strength is the quality of the Law School’s exceptional business law faculty. This nationally renowned faculty sets the tone for a collegiate environment where respect and dedication to the highest academic standards are the foundation of teaching, study and research in areas of business law.

The business law faculty includes experts in areas such as antitrust, bankruptcy, commercial, corporate finance and governance, international trade, law and economics, negotiation, professional responsibility, securities regulation and tax. These faculty members bring a broad perspective to their business teaching and scholarship, based in part on experiences in private practice, international teaching and consulting, and testimony before government bodies at the state and federal levels. They are frequently quoted in the press on such issues as banking and foreclosure, corporate tax issues, securities and corporate governance.

Edward Adams

Mary Alton

Ann Burkhart

Carol Chomsky

Tom Cotter

Prentiss Cox

Daniel Gifford

Oren Gross

Ralph Hall

Kristin Hickman

Claire Hill

John Matheson

Brett McDonnell

William McGeveran

Steve Meili

Amy Monahan

Ruth Okediji

Richard Painter

Daniel Schwarcz

Kathryn Sedo

Greg Shaffer

Bruce Shnider