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Mentoring Program

The Corporate Institute Mentoring Program provides law students with an opportunity to learn about business and business law careers from University of Minnesota Law School Alumni. The Mentoring Program is inclusive in all respects.

We encourage potential alumni mentors to participate if they have business-related experience most broadly defined. This includes such disparate careers such as entrepreneur, litigator, executive, tax accountant, and lobbyist, among others.

We encourage students to use the Corporate Institute Mentoring Program even if they lack exposure to business or business law. We want them to explore. We hope they will find inspiration in career conversations with their mentor alums.


If you would like to be a mentor, point your browser to https://law-umn-csm.symplicity.com/mentors/ to get started. If the link does not work, copy and paste it into your browser's address bar. See the Mentor User Guide for detailed instructions.


Complete the first three steps of the Corporate Institute Mentoring Program:

  1. Read the Student User Guide
  2. Watch the 18-Minute Video Orientation below
  3. Complete your Commitment Form. The instructions are in the Video Orientation.

Get ready to enjoy and learn from more than 230 alumni who have chosen careers in business and business law. They are waiting to hear from you.

Please email cimentor@umn.edu with any questions.