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Michael Tonry

Administration and Editors:

Su Smallen
Robbi Strandemo

Faculty Associates:

Barry Feld
Richard Frase
Kevin Reitz


Institute on Crime and Public Policy

The Institute on Crime and Public Policy was established in 2005 to support scholarship on legal, empirical, and normative issues concerning crime and public policy. Participating faculty are involved in projects that cluster into four categories: American sentencing and corrections, comparative criminal procedure and process, normative theories of punishment, and crime control policy. The Institute is the home of four major publication series, including Crime and Justice—A Review of Research, and sponsors several scholarly conferences each year, along or in collaboration with various European research institutes.

Current projects include Tonry's recent Prosecutors and Politics in Comparative Perspective (Chicago 2012), The Oxford Handbook of Ethnicity, Crime, and Immigration (Oxford 2014), and ongoing projects on comparative study of sentencing systems.

Recent News

Frase's Proportionality Principles in American Law published

ALI Counsel to consider Model Penal Tentative Draft no 2