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Publication Series

Crime and Justice: A Review of Research was established in 1977 as a peer-reviewed hard cover journal specializing in publication of state-of-the-art essays on research relating to crime or the criminal justice system. Regularly, since the early 1990s and most recently by ISI: Social Science Citations Index in 2005, Crime and Justice has had the highest impact (average number of citations per article published) of any criminal law, criminology, or criminal justice journal.

The series, edited by Michael Tonry since its inception, is multidisciplinary and covers topics ranging from medieval history through philosophy to neuropsychology. The series was established to be an "annual review of criminal justice research" and many volumes contain essays on a wide range of topical subjects. Others, however, are thematic and contain essays clustered around a single theme (e.g., Family Violence [volume 11], Drugs and Crime [volume 13], Ethnicity, Crime and Immigration [volume 21], Youth Violence [volume 24], Crime, Punishment, and Politics in Comparative Perspective [volume 36]). Crime and Justice is published by the University of Chicago Press. Thirty-seven volumes had appeared by the end of 2008.

For more information on Crime and Justice, visit http://www.journals.uchicago.edu/toc/cj/current .

Studies in Crime and Public Policy, a book series published by Oxford University Press, was established in 1993. Michael Tonry is series editor. The series is widely regarded as among the world's most distinguished book series specializing in criminal justice and crime-related books. Many of its authors are world leaders in their fields. Each book is expected to be authoritative and exhaustive but also to be written so as to be accessible to non-specialist readers. Thirty-seven volumes had appeared by the end of 2008. Books by Barry Feld and Michael Tonry have appeared in the series.

For more information on Studies in Crime and Public Policy, visit http://www.oup.com/us/catalog/general/

Oxford Handbooks of Criminal Justice and Criminology is a series of books edited by Michael Tonry and published by Oxford University Press. Each contains a set of articles that taken together provide a comprehensive overview of current knowledge. Designed to serve as authoritative reference works, the handbooks are also appropriate for use as assigned texts and suggested readings in classes taught in law and public policy schools, criminal justice and criminology programs, and a wide range of social science departments. Three of the initial volumes in the series are being edited by Minnesota faculty: The Oxford Handbook of Sentencing and Corrections (edited by Kevin Reitz and Joan Petersilia of the University of California-Irvine), The Oxford Handbook of Juvenile Delinquency and Juvenile Justice (edited by Barry Feld and Donna Bishop, Northeastern University), and The Oxford Handbook of Crime and Public Policy (edited by Michael Tonry).

For more information on Oxford Handbooks of Criminal Justice and Criminology, visit http://www.oup.com/us/catalog/general/

Criminology in Europe, edited by Michael Tonry, was established in 2002 and is published three times a year on behalf of the European Society of Criminology (ESC). It is the ESC's official newsletter and published a mixture of short articles on ESC developments (elections, annual meetings, prizes) and on developments concerning criminal justice, data, and policy in Europe.

Issues published to date can be found on the ESC website at http://www.esc-eurocrim.org.