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Course Offerings

Accounting for Lawyers (6-112)
Advanced Corporate Law (6-055)
Analytical Methods
Antitrust (6-207)
Antitrust Seminar (6-840)
Bankruptcy (6-107)
Comparative Antitrust Law Seminar
Corporate Finance (6-054)
Corporate Regulation of Non-Banking Financial Services Entities (6-908)
Enron Seminar
Financial Institutions Law Seminar (6-852)
Game Theory and the Law Seminar (6-897)
Hot Topics in Business & Corporate Law
Innovations and Law
Jurisprudence (6-615)
Law & Economics Workshop Seminar
Law and Economics
Law and Public Policy Seminar (6-874)
Legislative Process Seminar
Negotiation Seminar (6-870)
Regulated Industries (6-634)
Sentencing Policy Seminar (6-894)
Sentencing Policy Workshop Seminar (6-895)
Statistics for Lawyers
Unfair Competition

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