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Midwestern Law and Economics Association 2007 Fall Conference

Date: Friday, October 12th through Saturday, October 13th

Location: University of Minnesota Law School, Mondale Hall, 229-19th Avenue South, Minneapolis, MN 55455 [Map]

Registration: This free event is open to the University Community and Public. Please register by email to Julie Hunt at huntx179@umn.edu.

Hotel Information:
-The Holiday Inn Metrodome (across the street from the Law School)
*Mention MLEA Annual Meeting when making your reservation or use booking code MLE to get conference discount.
-The Radisson Metrodome (on U of M east bank)
-The Courtyard at the Depot by Marriott (1 mile=5 min. taxi)
-The Marquette (1.5 miles=10 min. taxi)

Distinguished Presenters

Regulation and Governance
Dale Thompson, "Optimal Federalism across Many Dimensions"
Guiseppe Dari-Mattiacci, "Multilevel Governance and Risk Diversification"
Claire Hill and Kristin Hickman, "Is a Coherent Definition of a Tax Shelter Impossible?"

Procedure and Family Law
Scott A. Moss, "O Brave New World That Has Such Creatures Evidence: An Economic Analysis of Courts' Misguided Rules on Discovery of Digital Evidence"
Margaret F. Brinig, "The One Size Fits All Family"
Vincy Fon and Francesco Parisi (presenter), "Plaintiff in Default: An Economic Analysis"

Behavioral Law and Economics: Theory
Peter Huang, "Law and Human Flourishing: Fostering Happiness, Learning, and Mindfulness"
Jeffrey M. Lipshaw, "Aboutness, Thingness, Models, and Understanding"
Jeff Stake and Michael Alexeev, "Who Responds to U.S. News & World Report's Law School Rankings?"

Tax and Finance
Bradley Borden, "The Aggregate-Plus Theory of Partnership Taxation
Elizabeth Brown, "A Preliminary Look at Regulatory Structures for Financial Services"
Joseph Warburton, "Business Trusts versus Corporations: Evidence from the British Mutual Fund Industry"

Law and Medicine
Robert Katz, "Gimme Some Skin: When Tissue Banks Compete for Transplant Tissue, Who Wins?"
Robert Mikos, "Supervising Criminal Activity: The Case of State Medical Marijuana Exemptions"
Elizabeth Weeks, "Right to Experimental Treatment"

Nuno Garoupa & Tom Ulen, "The Economics of Activity Levels in Tort Liability and Regulation"
Nicholas Georgakopoulos, "Tort in Agency: Transaction Costs"
David Hyman, "The Effect of Caps on Non-Economic Damages: Evidence from Texas Medical Malpractice Cases"

Environmental Law and Property
Jonathan R. Nash, "Environmental Regulation Through the Looking Glass"
Daniel Cole, "The Stern Review and Its Critics"
Lee Fennell, "Homeownership 2.0"

Arbitration, Litigation and Judging
Christopher R. Drahozal & Quentin R. Wittrock, "Is There A Flight From Arbitration?"
Stephen Ware, "'Merit' Selection and Judicial Nominating Commissions"
Rafael I. Pardo, "Anatomy of an Adversary Proceeding"

Corporate and Securities Law
Frederick Tung, "The New Death of (Corporate) Contract: Creeping Fiduciary Duty for Creditors"
Alexander P. Robbins, "The Rule 10b5-1 Loophole: An Empirical Study"
Antony Page, "Revising the Short-Swing Trading Rules for the 21st Century"

Corporate Law and Contracts
Peter Oh, "Piercing v. Lifting"
Matthew T. Bodie, "Workers, Information, and Corporate Combinations"
Fan Zhang, "Dynamic Contract Breach"

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Contact information:

Prof. Brett McDonnell

Prof. Francesco Parisi

Prof. Claire Hill