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2007 Spring Workshops on
Behavioral Law and Economics

Meeting Wednesdays, 3:35 - 5:30 p.m.
University of Minnesota Law School, Mondale Hall, Room 65



January 24:  Prof. Claire Hill
Topic: Anti-anti-anti Paternalism

January 31:  Prof. Kathleen Vohs
Topic: Money Changes Personal and Interpersonal Behavior

February 7:   Prof. Aldo Rustichini
Topic: An Informational Theory of Empathy
[Powerpoint Slides]

February 14:  Prof. Alex Stein
Topic: Mediating Rules in Criminal Law

February 21:  Prof. Jennifer Robbennolt
Topic: Attorneys and Apologies in Litigation

February 28:  Prof. Erin O’Hara
Topic: Victims and Criminal Punishment

March 7:  Prof. Robin Stryker
Topic: Social Science in Government Regulation of Equal Employment Opportunity
[Grant Proposal]

March 14:  (Spring Break)

March 21:  Prof. Avner Ben-ner
Topic: Trust, Communication and Contracts: An Experiment

March 28:  Prof. Eugene Borgida
Topic: Reflections on Being an Expert Witness in Class Action Sex Discrimination Litigation
[94 Calif. L. Rev. 945]

April 4:  Prof. Doug Kysar
Topic: Regulating from Nowhere: Risk Regulation, the Precautionary Principle, and Collective Responsibility

April 11:  Prof. Larry Solan
Topic: Ships Passing in the Night: False Consensus Bias in the Interpretation of Contracts

Contact: Prof. Claire Hill (hillx445@umn.edu) or Julie Hunt (huntx179@umn.edu) for further information.


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