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Spring 2013 Seminar
Emerging Paradigms of Rationality

Mondays, 3:35 – 5:30 p.m.
Professor Claire Hill

Sponsored by the Institute for Law & Economics and
the Institute for Law & Rationality 


This seminar will focus on challenges to the "rational actor" model of human nature. Economics acknowledges that the model is not "true"—but is it true enough? How do we deal with its descriptive shortcomings? Is rationality as conceived in the model normatively desirable? How do we balance the aims of realism and tractability? This seminar will consider answers to these questions; the ultimate focus will be on how policymakers might best understand human nature.


Monday, February 4 – Oren Gross, Irving Younger Professor of Law; Director, Institute for International Legal & Security Studies, University of Minnesota Law School, Nomura Visiting Professor of International Financial Systems, Harvard Law School
"Security vs. Liberty: on Emotions and Cognition"

Monday, February 11 – Kathleen Vohs, Professor, Land O'Lakes Professor of Excellence in Marketing, Carlson School of Management – University of Minnesota
"The Psychology of Money"
Supplemental material

Monday, February 25 – Francis Shen, Associate Professor of Law, University of Minnesota Law School
"Law and Neuroscience"

Monday, March 4 – Susan Sered, Associate Professor, Department of Sociology, Suffolk University
"'My Problem Is That I Make Bad Choices': Criminalized Women and Etiologies of Suffering on the Institutional Circuit"

Monday, March 11 – Avner Ben-Ner, Professor, Center for Human Resources and Labor Studies, Carlson School of Management – University of Minnesota
"Diversity and Performance in Teams: Evidence from 10 Seasons of German Soccer"

Monday, March 25 – Vladas Griskevicius, Associate Professor, Carlson Mktg and Logistics, Carlson School of Management – University of Minnesota
"The Rational Animal: How Evolution Made Us Smarter Than We Think"

Monday, April 1 – Joshua Tasoff, Assistant Professor, Department of Economics, School of Politics and Economics, Claremont Graduate University
"Exponential-Growth Bias and Lifecycle Consumption"

Monday, April 8 – Tess Wilkinson-Ryan, Assistant Professor of Law, University of Pennsylvania Law School
"The Psychology of Caveat Emptor"

Monday, April 22 – Leo Katz, Frank Carano Professor of Law, University of Pennsylvania Law School
"Towards a New Paradigm in Rationality"

Monday, April 29 – Mauricio Delgado, Associate Professor, Department of Psychology, Rutgers University
"The Influence of Social Network Membership on Reward Processing in the Human Brain"

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