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Fall 2015 Conference

Workshop on Culture and Ethics in Banking


August 2015

On August 28-29, the Institute for Law and Rationality, together with the Federalist Society, sponsored a roundtable, "Right Meets Left." The roundtable brought together prominent people from academia and policy organizations to discuss areas of connection and how dialogue between right and left might be made more productive, and to consider possible future initiatives.


Spring 2011 Symposium

National Security, Human Rights, and the "Other"


April 2010

Reception honoring publication by The Queen's Law Journal of its special symposium issue, including articles from the conference Emerging Paradigms of Rationality: Theory and Applications held in Fall 2008.
Guest Speaker: Lt. Col. William Casebeer, USAF, Cognitive Science and philosophy
Title: Just War Theory and the Purposes of Military Intelligence: Formulating an Ethic of Intelligence

Meeting of the Minds II an interdisciplinary roundtable discussion with confirmed participants being Prof. Avner Ben-ner, Carlson School of Management; Prof. John Borrows, Law School; Prof. Mary Ann Case, University of Chicago Law; Prof. Frederick Schauer, University of Virginia Law; Prof. Susan Sered, Suffolk University; Prof. Barbara A. Spellman, University of Virginia, Physchology and Law; Lt. Col. William Casebeer, USAF, Cognitive Science and philosophy; Prof. Geoff Miller, NYU Law; Prof. Francesco Parisi, Law School; Prof. Claire Hill, Law School


Fall 2008 Symposium

Emerging Paradigms of Rationality: Theory and Applications


August 2007

Meeting of the Minds


Spring 2007 Symposium

Self and Other: Cognitive Perspectives on Trust, Empathy and the Self

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