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Spring 2007 Symposium

Self and Other: Cognitive Perspectives on Trust, Empathy and the Self

Friday, April 6th through Saturday, April 7th
University of Minnesota Law School
Dean's Conference Room

This symposium features leading scholars from law, economics, and psychology discussing trust, empathy, and the self.

Recent work on making the model of human behavior used by legal and economic scholars more realistic considers how people make sense of themselves and of others. How do people construct their views of themselves? What determines when people trust others and to what extent? What role does empathy play in helping people understand other people? How do cognitive processes work in the context of trust and empathy? And how can a model of human behavior be constructed that achieves sufficient realism consistent with the tractability needed for policymaking? The symposium will consider these and related issues.

Participants and topics:

J.Atsu Amegashie, University of Guelph, Ontario
Topic: "Intentions, Guilt, and Social Interactions"
[Abstract] [Powerpoint Slides]

Avner Ben-ner, University of Minnesota
Topic: "Who Trusts?: Personality, Cognitive Ability, and Identity"

Dale Carpenter, University of Minnesota Law School
Topic: "Straight Acting"

Mary Anne Case, University of Chicago Law School Topic: "The Bowels of Christ, and Those of Audrey Jo De Clue and Albert Johnson: Judge Richard Posner's Jurisprudence of Empathy"

William Casebeer, United States Air Force
Topic: "Identity and Empathy: How Narratives Connect Us to Others"
[Powerpoint Slides]

Mauricio Delgado, Rutgers University
Topic: "Social and Emotional Influences on Decision-making, Trust and the Brain"

Claire Hill, University of Minnesota Law School
Topic: "How People Make Sense of Other People (and why it matters to legal scholarship)"
[Powerpoint Slides]

Peter Huang, Temple University, School of Law
Topic: "Authentic Happiness, Identity, & Law"

Francesco Parisi, University of Minnesota Law School
Topic: "Unjust Laws and Illegal Norms"

Suresh Ramanathan, University of Chicago
Topic: "Consuming with Others: Social Influences on Moment-to-Moment and Retrospective Evaluations of an Experience"

Mario Rizzo, New York University
Topic: "Justice versus Benevolence: A Modern Humean View"
[Abstract] [Article]

Aldo Rustichini, University of Minnesota
Topic: "An Informational Theory of Empathy"
[Powerpoint Slides]

Kathleen Vohs, University of Minnesota
Topic: "Sexual Economics: Heterosexual Sexual Behavior As Predicted by Basic Economic Principles"
[Powerpoint Slides]

Richard Warner, Chicago-Kent College of Law
Topic: "Empathy, Aliens, and Others: Confessions of an Empathy Skeptic"
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