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Distinguished Visitors

The Institute hosts several Distinguished Visitors each year. Distinguished Visitors are scholars from other institutions whose work falls within the ambit of the Institute. Visitors are in residence at the Law School for a short period of time, typically several days.

Upcoming Visitors


Date TBA "A Conversation on Women and Trust"
Professor Susan Sered, Senior Research Associate, Suffolk University and Professor June Carbone, Edward A. Smith/Missouri Professor of Law, University of Missouri at Kansas City School of Law


Date TBA Professor Kevin McCabe, Professor of Economics & Law, George Mason University School of Law

Past Visitors


April 20, 2012

Beyond Our Means: Why America Spends While the World Saves
Sheldon Garon, Nissan Professor in Japanese Studies and Professor of History and East Asian Studies at Princeton University
Click here to watch Garon's lecture.



November 10-12, 2010 Professor Alon Harel, Phillip P. Mizock & Estelle Mizock Chair in Administrative and Criminal Law, Hebrew University



April 8-13, 2009

Lt. Col. William Casebeer, is a career intelligence analyst and Lieutenant Colonel in the US Air Force currently working in the Joint Warfare Analysis Center in Virginia. His research interests include neuroethics, the evolution of morality, the intersections of cognitive science and national security policy, philosophy of mind and military ethics (such as the ethics of torture interrogation).


March 26-27, 2009 Professor Richard Brooks, Yale Law School
January 28-30, 2009 Professor Leo Katz, Frank Carano Professor of Law, Penn Law


November 6-7, 2008 Professor Barry Schwartz, Dorwin Cartwright Professor of Social Theory and Social Action, Swarthmore College.

Professor Schwartz has authored several books including The Paradox of Choice where he persuasively explains how and why the abundance of choice in modern society is actually making us miserable, and The Costs of Living: How Market Freedom Erodes the Best things in Life.


April 28, 2008 Professor Marc-Olivier Baruch, Professor and Director of Studies, Center of Historical Research, L'Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociale, CNRS (Co-sponsored with the Institute for Law and Politics and the Program in Law and History)


April 16-18, 2008 Professor Ed McCaffery, Robert C. Packard Trustee Chair in Law, and Professor of Law, Economics and Political Science, University of Southern California Gould School of Law


April 1-3, 2008 Professor Geoffrey P. Miller, Stuyvesant P. Comfort Professor of Law, Director, Center for the Study of Central Banks, New York University Law School


February 21, 2008 "How Language Does, Must, and Should Affect Law"
A round-table discussion between Professor John Borrows (Visiting Professor at the Law School) and Dean Lawrence M. Solan (Brooklyn Law School). Dean Solan holds a Ph.D. in linguistics and his scholarly works are devoted to exploring interdisciplinary issues related to language and law.


November 7-9, 2007 Professor Bruce Chapman, Faculty of Law, University of Toronto. Professor Chapman holds a law degree from the University of Toronto, and a doctorate in economics from Cambridge University.


April 10-11, 2007 Professor Lawrence M. Solan, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, Don Forchelli Professor of Law, Brooklyn Law School


February 7-9, 2007 Professor Alon Harel, Phillip P. Mizock & Estelle Mizock Chair in Administrative and Criminal Law, Hebrew University


October 11, 2006 "The Great Analogy Debate"
Professor Fred Schauer, Harvard University, John F. Kennedy School of Government vs. Professor Barbara Spellman, University of Virginia Department of Psychology


September 27, 2006 "Why Psychology & Law Doesn't Equal Law & Psychology"
Professor Barbara Spellman, University of Virginia
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