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Papers, Abstracts and  Webcasts presented at Conferences and Symposiums

2008 Fall Conference

Susanna Blumenthal, University of Minnesota Law School
"The Presumption of Sanity" [Webcast]

June Carbone, University of Missouri at Kansas City School of Law
"The Irrationality of Adolescence: What the Adults are Fighting Over and the Implications for the Legal Profession"
[Abstract] [Webcast]

William Casebeer, United States Air Force
"Janus-Faced Rationality: How Norms For Reason Flow From Facts About Our Social Evolutionary History"
[Abstract] [Webcast]

Bruce Chapman, University of Toronto Faculty of Law
"Leading You Down the Choice Path: Persuasion as Collective Rationality"
[Abstract] [Webcast]

David Dana, Northwestern University School of Law
"The Deep Rationality of the Precautionary Principle"
[Abstract] [Webcast]

John Darley, Princeton University
"The Second Order Rationality of Retribution"
[Abstract] [Webcast]

Anna Gelpern, Rutgers School of Law-Newark
"Innovation after the Revolution: Foreign Sovereign Bond Contracts since 2003"
[Abstract] [Webcast]

Claire Hill, University of Minnesota Law School
"Rationality in an Unjust World"
[Abstract] [Webcast]

Amir Licht, Radzyner School of Law
"Expanded Rationality: From the Preferred to the Desirable, with Some Implications for Law"
[Abstract] [Webcast]

David McGowan, University of San Diego School of Law
"The Role of Self-Referential Thinking in Legal Ethics"
[Abstract] [Webcast]

Fionnuala Ní Aoláin, University of Minnesota Law School
"A Feminist Theory of Harm"
[Abstract] [Webcast]

Francesco Parisi, University of Minnesota Law School, and
Barbara Luppi, University of Modena and Reggio Emilia
"Beyond Debiasing: Overconfidence in Tort Law"
[Abstract] [Webcast]

Frederick Schauer, University of Virginia Law School
"Is it Rational to be (Knowingly) Wrong?"
[Abstract] [Webcast]

Paul Slovic, University of Oregon
"The Rationality and Irrationality of Feelings about Risk"
[Abstract] [Webcast]

Barbara Anne Spellman, University of Virginia
"Embodied Rationality"
[Abstract] [Webcast]

2007 Spring Conference

J.Atsu Amegashie, University of Guelph, Ontario
"Intentions, Guilt, and Social Interactions"
[Abstract] [Powerpoint Slides] [Webcast]

Avner Ben-ner, University of Minnesota
"Who Trusts?: Personality, Cognitive Ability, and Identity"

Dale Carpenter, University of Minnesota Law School
"Straight Acting"

Mary Anne Case, University of Chicago Law School
"The Bowels of Christ, and Those of Audrey Jo De Clue and Albert Johnson: Judge Richard Posner's Jurisprudence of Empathy"
[Article] [Webcast]

William Casebeer, United States Air Force
"Identity and Empathy: How Narratives Connect Us to Others"
[Powerpoint Slides] [Webcast]

Mauricio Delgado, Rutgers University
"Social and Emotional Influences on Decision-making, Trust and the Brain"
[Abstract] [Webcast]

Claire Hill, University of Minnesota Law School
"How People Make Sense of Other People (and why it matters to legal scholarship)"
[Powerpoint Slides] [Webcast]

Peter Huang, Temple University, School of Law
"Authentic Happiness, Identity, & Law"

Francesco Parisi, University of Minnesota Law School
"Unjust Laws and Illegal Norms"

Suresh Ramanathan, University of Chicago
"Consuming with Others: Social Influences on Moment-to-Moment and Retrospective Evaluations of an Experience"
[Abstract] [Webcast]

Mario Rizzo, New York University
"Justice versus Benevolence: A Modern Humean View"
[Abstract] [Article] [Webcast]

Aldo Rustichini, University of Minnesota
"An Informational Theory of Empathy"
[Powerpoint Slides] [Webcast]

Kathleen Vohs, University of Minnesota
"Sexual Economics: Heterosexual Sexual Behavior As Predicted by Basic Economic Principles"
[Powerpoint Slides] [Webcast]

Richard Warner, Chicago-Kent College of Law
"Empathy, Aliens, and Others: Confessions of an Empathy Skeptic"
[Article] [Powerpoint Slides] [Webcast]

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