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2009-2010 Alumni Fellowship in Law and History

Program Description

The mission of the Program in Law and History at the University of Minnesota is to support the interdisciplinary study of law in historical context. The Program brings together students and faculty from across the University of Minnesota, as well as scholars from around the world, to promote research and teaching in legal history from the ancient to the modern era. The program supports a year-long workshop series featuring guest scholars and Minnesota students and faculty, an annual distinguished lecture, a range of courses cross-listed in Law and History, a summer fellowship (The Erickson Graduate Fellowship in Law and History), and the academic year fellowship announced here.

Additional information about the Program and fellowship opportunities can be found on our Web site: http://www.law.umn.edu/law_history/index.html

Fellowship Description and Terms of Award

The University of Minnesota Law School Alumni Fund Fellowship in Law and History is made possible by generous gifts from alumni of the Law School. The Fellowship is intended to support significant original work in the field of legal history, broadly defined. The project may relate to any chronological period or geographic region.

For 2009-10 the Program in Law and History will be awarding one year-long fellowship with a stipend of $25,000; an additional allowance of $5,000 will be provided for health insurance and research expenses. The recipient of the fellowship is required to be in residence at the University of Minnesota during the academic year. In addition, the fellow will be expected participate in workshops and other Program in Law and History activities, and to present his/her research at the Legal History Workshop in Spring 2010.


The Program is seeking applicants who have a J.D., and/or have been admitted to candidacy for their doctorate degree (or will have done so by May 30, 2009), or have recently been awarded the doctorate degree. A J.D. is not required. Applications are also welcome from those who are beginning a teaching career in law or history.

Application Procedures

Each applicant must submit the following:

1. Research proposal. A research proposal (no longer than 1,500 words) with the following format:

  • Project title and introduction. This should provide a brief overview of the research, the design and methodology of the project, and its relation to the field of legal history.
  • Potential significance. The body of the proposal should explain the legal historical significance of the research, and the contribution the project’s focus on law makes to historiography more generally.
  • Schedule for completion. This should include progress to date, schedule for fellowship year, and expected date of completion of the project.
  • Selected bibliography (limited to one page).

2. Two academic letters of reference. Applicants should include a list of the names and contact information of those from whom they have solicited reference letters. The writers of reference letters should send them directly to the following email address: watt0108@umn.edu.

3. Curriculum vitae. The CV should detail the applicant's educational background, publications, works-in-progress, and other relevant experience.

4. Transcripts. Official transcripts of all academic work done in college and at the graduate level should be sent to the mailing address immediately below.

Application Submission

Applications should be addressed to The Program in Law and History, attn: Molly Watters, University of Minnesota Law School, 229 19th Ave. So., Minneapolis, MN 55455. 612-625-6181

Application Deadline

All applications and supporting materials must be received by February 15, 2009. Announcement of the award will be made by March 2, 2009.

For further information contact Professor Susanna Blumenthal, University of Minnesota, 612-626-5694; blume047@umn.edu.

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