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Summer 2010 (Volume XXIII, Number 2)

Symposium: Family Values: Law and the Modern American Family

Ophelia with Child: A Restorative Approach to Legal Decision-Making by Teen Mothers
Marie A. Failinger

The Flexible Family in Three Dimensions
Thomas P. Gallanis

Equal Protection for Children of Gay and Lesbian Parents: Challenging the Three Pillars of Exclusion-Legitimacy, Dual-Gender Parenting, and Biology
Catherine E. Smith


Red Families, Blue Families, Gay Families and the Search for a New Normal
Jonathan Rauch

Looking Beyond Full Relationship Recognition for Couples Regardless of Sex: Abolition, Alternatives, and/or Functionalism
Edward Stein


Dormant Foreign Affairs Preemption and Von Saher v. Norton Simon Museum: Complicating the “Just and Fair Solution” to Holocaust-Era Art Claims
Mikka Gee Conway

Olmstead Plans Revisited: Lessons Learned from the U.N. Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilites
Megan Flynn

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