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Law and Inequality invites manuscripts addressing issues of inequality in law and society. We welcome manuscripts from law school teachers and students, teachers and students in other disciplines, practicing attorneys and judges, and practitioners in fields other than law. We accept articles in traditional legal format and also welcome pieces in less traditional forms—e.g., fiction, essays, letters. Please submit manuscripts on 8.5” x 11” paper, double- or triple-spaced. We regret that we cannot return manuscripts unless we receive $5.00 for return first class postage and handling.

Articles are considered for their focus on issues of inequality, substantive merit, professional interest, appeal to readers both within and outside the legal profession, clarity of expression, timeliness, and style. The Editorial Board of Law and Inequality reserves the right to condition acceptance of articles for publication upon revision of material to conform to our criteria and subjective review for substantive accuracy.

Opinions expressed in Law and Inequality are those of the contributors and are not the views of Law and Inequality, its editors and staff, or the University of Minnesota Law School.

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    Or send email to: lawineqj@umn.edu

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