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Summer 2008 (Volume XXVI, Number 2)


Exploded Dream: Desegregation in the Memphis City Schools
Daniel Kiel

The Anatomy of Grey: A Theory of Interracial Convergence
Kevin Noble Maillard & Janis L. McDonald

Fair Trials? The Manual for Military Commissions in Light of Common Article 3 and Other International Law
David Weissbrodt & Andrea W. Templeton

Bong Hits and Big Money: How the Roberts Court Turns Free Speech “On Its Head”
Jessica Davis

“No Country for Old Men:” AARP v. EEOC and Age Discrimination in Employer-Sponsored Retiree Health Benefits
Mary Kaczorek

Discrimination Lurking on the Books: Examining the Constitutionality of the Minneapolis Lurking Ordinance
Vanessa Wheeler

Across Curricular Boundaries: Search for a Confluence Between Marital Agreements and Indian Land Transactions
Judith T. Younger

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