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Summer 2009 (Volume XXVII, Number 2)


Reproductive Tourism: Equality Concerns in the Global Market for Fertility Services
Lisa C. Ikemoto

Disabling Dreams of Parenthood: The Fertility Industry, Anti-discrimination, and Parents with Disabilities
Kimberly M. Mutcherson

Free for All a Free for All: The Supreme Court’s Abdication of Duty in Failing to Establish Standards for Indigent Defense
Jennifer M. Allen

Put it on Ice: Chilling Free Speech at National Conventions
Joshua Rissman

Pooled Special-Needs Trusts: An Exception that Should be the Rule to Protect Adults with Developmental Disabilities
Jack Sullivan


A Few Thoughts on Assisted Reproductive Technology
Michele Goodwin

As You Like It: Exploring the Limits of Parental Choice in Assisted Reproduction
Deborah L. Spar

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