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Summer 2013 (Volume XXXI, Number 2)


Adolescent Criminial Responsibility, Proportionality, and Sentencing Policy: Roper, Graham, Miller/Jackson, and the Youth Discount
Barry C. Feld

Race in Juvenile Justice and Sentencing Policy: An Overview of Research and Policy Recommendations
Michael L. Leiber
Jennifer H. Peck

Practical Implications of Miller & Jackson: Obtaining Relief in Court and Before the Parole Board
Marsha L. Levick
Robert G. Schwartz

A Time to Heal: Eliminating Barriers to Coverage for Patients with Eating disorders Under the Affordable Care Act
Sarah Hewitt

Trouble in the Skies: The ACAA's Failure to Protect Passengers with Disabilities
Raina Urton

Recasting Transgender-Inclusive Healthcare Coverage: A Comparative Institutional Approach to Transgender Healthcare Rights
Jennifer Wong


Brain Overclaim Redux
Stephen J. Morse

Miller v. Alabama and the (Past and) Future of Juvenile Crime Regulation
Elizabeth Scott

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