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Volume XVI Winter 1998 Number 1


Committed Partners and Inheritance: An Empirical Study
Mary Louise Fellows 1

As Justice Requires/Permits: The Delimitation of Harmful Speech in a Democratic Society
John A. Powell 97

Empowerment for the Pursuit of Happiness: Parents with Disabilities and the Americans with Disabilities Act
Dave Shade 153

The "Becca Bill" Would Not Have Saved Becca: Washington State's Treatment of Young Female Offenders
Tiffany Zwicker Eggers 219

Lethal Pity: The Oregon Death with Dignity Act, Its Implications for the Disabled, and the Struggle for Equality in an Able-Bodied World
Mark C. Siegel 259

Reproductive Technology and Stolen Ova: Who is the Mother?
Rebecca S. Snyder 289


A Personal History of the Jews
Tricia Holland Baatz 337

Ballad of Mr. Pallid and Ms. Shadow
Gladys-Louise Tyler 349

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