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Volume XVI Summer 1998 Number 2


A Critique of Instrumental Rationality: Judicial Reasoning About the "Cold Numbers" in Hopwood v. Texas
Tomiko Brown-Nagin 359

Colorizing the Constitution of Originalism: Clarence Thomas at the Rubicon
Samuel Marcosson 429

Stalking the Wild Lucuna: Communication, Cognition and Contingency
Collin O'Connor Udell 493

Doing Adult Time for Juvenile Crime: When the Charge, Not the Conviction, Spells Prison for Kids
Paula Brummel 541

Minority Youth in Juvenile Correctional Facilities: Cultural Differences and the Right to Treatment
Brent Pattison 573

Deterring and Preventing Rape and Sexual Slavery During Periods of Armed Conflict
Sarnata Reynolds 601

Addressing Domestic Violence in the Workplace: An Employer's Responsibility
Jill Robertson 633


Geishas, Gays and Grunts: What the Exploitation of Asian Pacific Women Reveals About Military Culture and the Legal Ban on Lesbian, Gay and Bisexual Service Members
Julie Yuki Ralston 661

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