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Volume XVII Winter 1999 Number 1


Employment Discrimination Based on Sexual Orientation: The American, Canadian and U.K. Responses
Ronnie Cohen, Shannon O'Byrne, and Patricia Maxwell 1

Shahar v. Bowers: That Girl Just Didn't Have Good Sense!
Cynthia J. Frost 57

Inequitable Distribution: The Effect of Minnesota's Child Support Guidelines on Prior and Subsequent Children
Misti Nelc 97

Separation Anxiety and Boot Camp: Why Basic Training Should Remain Gender-Integrated
Carrie Peterson 139


Rights and Duties: The Ethical Obligation to Serve the Poor
David Fagelson 171


Tearing Down Walls and Building Lives: A Systemic Approach to Welfare Reform
Marguerite L. Spencer 201

Welfare Reform for Real People: Engaging the Moral and Economic Debate
John A. Powell 211

So-Called "Welfare Reform": Let's Talk About What's Really Needed to Get People Jobs
Peter B. Edelman 217


Inequality in Sentencing: Is Race a Factor in the Criminal Justice System?
Pamela G. Alexander 233

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