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Volume XVII Summer 1999 Number 2


Equal Protection in State Courts: The New Economic Equality Rights
Randal S. Jeffrey 239

Law, Language and Statehood: The Role of English in the Great State of Puerto Rico
Jose Julian Alvarez-Gonzalez 359

Highlights of the Fiftieth Session of the United Nations Sub-Commission on Prevention of Discrimination and Protection of Minorities
David Weissbrodt, Mayra Gomez, and Bret Thiele 445

California Proposition 227: An Examination of the Legal, Educational and Practical Issues Surrounding the New Law
Kirsten Gullixson 505

Social Security Benefits to Widows: The Ongoing Favoritism of Single-Earner Families and the Impact on Elderly Women
Nina Mojiri-Azad 537


Defending Non-Citizens in Minnesota Courts: A Practical Guide to Immigration Law and Client Cases
Maria Baldini-Potermin 567


More Light Thoughts and Night Thoughts on the American Family
Judith T. Younger 723

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