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Volume XVIII Summer 2000 Number 2


Noncitizen Voting Rights: The History, the Law and Current Prospects for Change
Virginia Harper-Ho 271

Kids Get the Darndest Sentences: State v. Mitchell and Why Age Should Be a Factor in Sentencing for First Degree Murder
Benjamin L. Felcher 323

Sexual Harassment on the Second Shift: The Misfit Application of Title VII Employment Standards to Title VIII Housing Cases
Nicole A. Forkenbrock Lindemyer 351

Davis v. Monroe County Board of Education: Scant Protection for the Student Body
Heather D. Redmond 393


Critical Race Theory and Autobiography: Can a Popular "Hybrid" Genre Reach Across the Racial Divide?
Sylvia R. Lazos Vargas 419

    A review of:
    —Notes of a Racial Caste Baby, Colorblindness and the End of Affirmative Action by Bryan K. Fair
    —How Did You Get to Be a Mexican? A White/Brown Man's Search for Identity by Kevin R. Johnson
    —To Be an American: Cultural Pluralism and the Rhetoric of Assimilation by Bill Ong Hing

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