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Volume XIX Summer 2001 Number 2


Is the Garment Industry Trying to Pull the Wool over Your Eyes? The Need for Open Communication to Promote Labor Rights in China
John H. Goolsby 193

Promoting Access to HIV/AIDS Pharmaceuticals in Sub-Saharan Africa Within the Framework of International Intellectual Property Law
Mary K Schug 229

Congress Giveth, Congress Taketh Away, Congress Fixeth Its Mistake? Assessing the Potential Impact of the Battered Immigrant Women Protection Act of 2000
Lori Romeyn Sitowski 259

A Return to Institutionalization Despite Olmstead v. L. C.? The Inadequacy of Medicaid Provider Reimbursement in Minnesota and the Failure to Deliver Home- and Community-Based Waiver Services
Sandra L. Yue 307


The Inevitability of Rehabilitation
Edward L. Rubin 343

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