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Volume XXI Summer 2003 Number 2


Falling Through the Cracks: The Unique Circumstances of HIV Disease Under Recent Americans With Disabilities Act Caselaw and Emerging Privacy Policies
Caroline Palmer & Lynn Mickelson 219

Creating a Truth and Reconciliation Commission for Lynching
Sherrilyn A. Ifill 263

Hoffman Plastic Compounds, Inc. v. NLRB. How the Supreme Court Eroded Labor Law and Workers Rights in the Name of Immigration Policy
Thomas J. Walsh 313

Battered by Equality: Could Minnesota's Domestic Violence Statutes Survive a "Fathers' Rights" Assault?
Shannon M. Garrett 341

Yield-Spread Premiums: Who's Working For the Borrower? HUD's Erroneous Regulation and Its Bar on Plaintiffs
Taiesha L. Cantwell 367


The Legal Fiction of Standardized Testing
Matthew L.M. Fletcher 397

Diversity: Do You Really Want IT
Angela Mae Kupenda 415

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