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Volume XXIV Winter 2006 Number 1


With All Deliberate Speed: Brown II and Desegregation's Children
Jim Chen

Brown II: A Case of Missed Opportunity?
Trina Jones

Tilting at Windmills: Brown II and the Hopeless Quest to Resolve Deep-Seated Social Conflict Through Litigation
Gerald N. Rosenberg

Brown II: Ordinary Remedies for Extraordinary Wrongs
James E. Pfander

The Parted Paths of School Desegregation and School Finance Litigation
Goodwin Liu


Unwelcome Benefits: Why Welfare Beneficiaries Reject Government Aid
Barak Y Orbach

Probation Revocations as Delayed Dispositional Departures: Why Blakely v. Washington Requires Jury Trials at Probation Violation Hearings
Scott H. Ikeda

Groundwater Conservation and Coalbed Methane Development in the Powder River Basin
Samantha Bohrman

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