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Winter 2008 (Volume XXVI, Number 1)


Gentlemen Under Fire: The U.S. Military and “Conduct Unbecoming”
Elizabeth Hillman

Marriage, Free Exercise, and the Constitution
Mark Strasser

Negotiating Divorce: Gender and the Behavioral Economics of Divorce Bargaining
Tess Wilkinson-Ryan & Deborah Small

Pressing Forward: Connecticut’s Approach to Embryonic Stem Cell Research
Rebekah L. Bailey

Pregnant Women and the Fourteenth Amendment: A Feminist Examination of the Trend to Eliminate Women’s Rights During Pregnancy
Nora Chrisie Sandstad

Did They Forget to Zero the Scales?: To Ease Jury Deliberations, the Supreme Court Cuts Protection for the Mentally Ill in Clark v. Arizona
Elizabeth Aileen Smith

Lost Potential: International Treaty Obligations and Juvenile Life Without Parole in Edmonds v. State of Mississippi
Andrea Templeton

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