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Winter 2010 (Volume XXIII, Number 1)


Will Americans Embrace Single-Payer Health Insurance: The Intractable Barriers of Inertia, Free Market, and Culture
Susan Alder Channick

Deconstructing United State Sentencing Guidelines Section 3A1.4: Sentencing Failure in Cases of Financial Support for Foreign Terrorist Organizations
James P. McLoughlin, Jr.

U.S. Ratification of CEDAW: From Bad to Worse?
Ann M. Piccard

Infertile Grounds: Feminist Interpretations of Infertility Exclusions as Sex Discriminaion
Jennifer L. Cornell

The “Necessary and Desirable Counterpart”: Implementing a Holmesian Perspective of Labor Rights as Human Rights
Tim Louris

Solving the Medical Crisis for Immigration Detainees: Is the Proposed Detainee Basic Medical Care Act of 2008 the Answer?
Brianna M. Mooty

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