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Winter 2013 (Volume XXXI, Number 1)


A Decade After Abu Ghraib: Lessons in "Softening Up" The Enemy and Sex-Based Humiliation
Johanna Bond

Unequal Burdens in EITC Compliance
Karie Davis-Nozemack

Disabling Racial Repetition
Zanita E. Fenton

Gay Gentrification: Whitewashed Fictions of LGBT Privilege and the New Interest-Convergence Dilemma
Anthony Michael Kreis

Redefining "American": The Constitutionality of State Dream Acts
Sallie Dietrich

Land, Legitimacy and Conflict Settlement: Legal and Supra-Legal Solutions for Resolving Property Disputes in Cyprus
Laura Matson

Dual Failures: The Role of Race in Eighth Amendment Violations in Prisons
Jason Reed

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